The Faculty of History

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The Faculty was founded in 1938. It is situated in the 7-th educational building, there are 6 departments. There are 2 resource centers, a conference hall for scientific events and the Museum of K.D. Ushinsky. There are about 600 students.

International contacts: Exeter University (Great Britain), Bielefeld University (Germany), Belgrade University (Serbia).

Directions and training specialities: History and a Foreign Language (English, German); History and Computer Science, History and Psychology; Theology; Sociology.

At the Faculty there is postgraduate study and the Council where you may defend dissertations to be awarded a Candidate's and Doctor's degree.

Dean: Doctor of History, Professor Andrey Borisovich Sokolov.

Address: 150000, Yaroslavl, Kotoroslnaya emb., 46-v

Phone: (4852) 72-76-09

Fax: (4852) 72-76-03